WEBINAR: How Encryption Key Management Can Help Meet Compliance Regulations | Part 1 & 2

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One look at the latest news headlines reveals massive data breaches have become a daily occurrence… 1 in 4 companies will experience a data breach, with the average cost of each cyber-attack exceeding $3.8 Million. With these odds, data governance and data protection requirements are forcing companies to comply through stricter regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FIPS, etc., to curb the increasing number of data breaches negatively impacting consumers.

With these new regulations in place, companies worldwide have complied by increasing their encryption of data at rest, in motion, and in the Cloud. Still, this mass move to encrypt data has inadvertently created a staggering problem for many organizations. Instead of helping protect sensitive data, it has quelled efforts by leaving organizations with more encryption key material than can adequately and successfully be managed without a dedicated encryption Key Management System (KMS). 

In this two-part webinar series, Chuck White (Chief Technology Officer at Fornetix) joins Kirby Rouser (Vice President of Account Acquisition at Computacenter) to discuss encryption basics and explain how implementing VMware certified KMS solutions, into your VMware environment can make it easy to reduce your threat surface area and improve cybersecurity response capabilities. 

In this two-part webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of implementing a strong encryption key management solution that works across the enterprise.
  • Government regulations to be aware of when developing your data security strategy
  • Key features to look for in a Key Management System to make sure it will seamlessly integrate with on-premise storage, virtualized, or cloud environments
  • Tips for implementing a robust cyber-hygiene strategy
  • The benefits of using a certified VMware Key Management System
  • How key management controls costs and reduces the complexity of encryption management within VMware environments
  • How to handle the complexity of data security in multi-cloud and hyper-converged storage environments

Our Speakers:


Kirby Rouser
Vice President, Account Acquisition, Computacenter

Kirby Rouser is the VP of Account Acquisition at Computacenter (formerly Pivot Technology). He is a proven sales leader with experience in sales management, sales operations and financial planning and is consistently recognized as a customer focused, driven leader who gets results. Computacenter is a leading independent technology partner helping customers to source, transform and manage their IT infrastructure to deliver digital transformation, enabling users and their business.



Chuck White
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Fornetix

Chuck is a technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He has extensive knowledge in cyber defense, collaboration solutions, big data analytics, and security software development. He is a former U.S. Army officer, combat veteran, and a recognized thought leader in the security software community. Chuck is a member of the OASIS KMIP and OpenC2 technical committees and is a co-editor for versions 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 of the KMIP specification.