The Looming Surge in Smart-Metering Encryption

Understanding the Cyber Security Needs of a Rapidly-Expanding and Evolving Electrical Grid

The evolution from traditional meters, such as analog meters, to "smart meters" is well underway. This new type of metering is greatly increasing the amount of consumer’s personal information collected by the meters. Though more efficient and accurate, the increased level of connectivity has introduced vulnerabilities that were not previously present. What can be done to make smart meters more secure? This white paper suggests that the answer is a standards-based solution that is understood and accepted by the industry.To ensure meters are secure and scalable, leverage existing and proven technology powered by open standards instead of a restrictive custom-built solution.

Download the white paper and learn why: 

  • An open standards-based approach aids in providing proven and tested solutions. 
  • Drop-in ready made solution as opposed to a custom built solution ensures market proven technology and scalability for the future.   
  • KMIP powered systems provide the type of standardization needed for securing smart meters throughout the lifecycle.