BYOK and BYOE support for Amazon & Microsoft Clouds


Securing the Cloud Using BYOE and BYOK Encryption

When it comes to securing the data stored within AWS or Azure, a critical decision will be about data security and how you plan to manage your encryption keys. You will need to choose where you store your keys, who has access to them, and who controls the lifecycle of the keys. Fornetix offer Bring-Your-Own Key (BYOK) and Bring-Your-Own-Encryption (BYOE) options to support your cloud security strategy.

Chart explaining how Fornetix’s BYOE and BYOK solutions work with AWS and Azure.


BYOE and BYOK Solutions Work With Key Managers Like AWS

Utilizing a BYOE or BYOK-compatible solution, like Fornetix’s VaultCore, helps users quickly deploy and manage countless encryption keys within AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Benefits of this option include:
  • Unification of encryption keys being used in AWS with the rest of your organization’s keys for better reporting and management
  • Easily upload as many keys necessary with the click of a button from the VaultCore web application
  • Utilize keys in AWS KMS that have been wrapped with a third-party Master Encryption Key

Read more about how Fornetix is supporting BYOK (bring your own key) in AWS in this recent blog: Supporting BYOK Within AWS With Fornetix VaultCore

Chart explaining how Fornetix’s VaultCore plugins support BYOK functionality with AWS.


BYOE/BYOK Support for AWS Offerings

BYOE offers customers an opportunity to leverage their own encryption technology to secure data moving to and from the cloud. VaultCore works with Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), like Skyhigh, to provide a full BYOE ecosystem which allows encryption to happen outside of AWS, ensuring anything entering or exiting the cloud is encrypted. Choosing BYOE provides users with:

  • Greater control of data, as the data is encrypted and will not be visible to cloud administrators
  • Less risk associated with compromised data should the AWS architecture be compromised by a third party

Chart explaining how Fornetix’s VaultCore works with CASB and AWS.


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