The Impact on Encryption at the Edge - Webcast

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With the long-awaited GDPR Compliance deadline behind us, how are end users coping with the challenges that come along with the change? The recent spike in encryption adoption at the edge was an anticipated shift, and is already helping today’s IT architects meet a multitude of compliance requirements across the board.

Join Fornetix and StorMagic for a 30 minute webcast where we'll discuss the current state of the encryption landscape now that GDPR is officially in place. Presenters will cover:

  • Which of your data sets must be encrypted post GDPR--and why
  • How to encrypt using existing equipment to alleviate budget constraints
  • Use cases and tips for implementing data-at-rest encryption with key management

Registered attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the recently co-authored white paper from Fornetix and StorMagic, “Top 10 Checklist: An IT Director's Guide for Edge-Based Encryption Deployment”.


KevinKevin Mooney
Solutions Engineering Manager
Kevin is an experienced Solutions Architect with a passion for cyber security and integration programming. Expert in identity management, cryptographic key management, application delivery, and enterprise architecture.

Marc Christie_150x150Mark Christie
Senior Systems Engineer 
With more than a decade of experience in technical systems engineering, his primary responsibilities at StorMagic include global customer support, product testing, software release management and documentation, and pre-sales demonstrations and support.

If you are interested in learning how to improve your data encryption strategy at the edge while also maintaining compliance, this webcast is for you.