White Paper - Protecting the integrity of your vehicles

Extending the Protection Chain Across Multiple Perimeters

New technologies are being integrated into Automotive OEM products every day as the industry experiences a dramatic demand for connectivity. This paradigm shift has created unique issues surrounding security which experts agree, leaves vehicles vulnerable to a myriad of cyber attacks. If you think about it, the car in your driveway is a “mobile device” that weighs thousands of pounds and moves at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour. Protecting this connected device now becomes more than just data security – it means preventing the loss of human life.   

This free white paper explains how: 

  • Automotive security vulnerabilities are apparent throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.
  • Automotive IoT security vulnerabilies create a larger surface area for bad actors to attack.
  • Encryption key management can help secure all aspects of the automotive lifecycle from production to the open road.

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