Protecting Your Hyperconverged Infrastructure - Fornetix & Nutanix Webcast 


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About this Webcast
Supporting more business operations at a faster pace with a lower total cost of ownership with higher levels of security is a request that is likely familiar to many IT leaders today. Luckily, these demands are attainable via a hyperconverged infrastructure which allows data-at-rest encryption natively. Fornetix and Nutanix have partnered to create an integration that allows for flexibility without compromising security. 

During this webcast, attendees will learn about: 

1) Boosting security on your Nutanix-powered infrastructure with Fornetix Key Orchestration

2) Leverage industry standards to enable a trusted and regulated communication channel between technology providers 

3) Unifying encryption key management across your organization for heightened governance and control


Presented by

Maryam Sanglaji - Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix

Kevin Mooney - Head of Solutions Engineering at Fornetix