Webcast - Secure Data Protection Platform (SDP2)

Meet the New Kid on the Rack

Providing Advanced, Yet Simplistic Data Storage and Management for Security and Compliance 

All it takes is 30 minutes to completely revolutionize how you address incorporating advanced security tactics into your data storage.  

In this webcast, you'll discover a new network attached storage solution with encryption and key management baked in from design. Fornetix, Seagate and RackTop have partnered to deliver the Secure Data Protection Platform (SDP2) - a simple, unified and secure data management solution that is effortless to implement and maintain.

  •  SDP2 encrypts all data with no impact to its high-performance storage and is ideal for use as a file share, storage for virtual machines, DEVOPS, databases, and large data repositories.
  •  SDP2’s policy-driven architecture protects sensitive data from ransomware, insider threat, and cyberattack while meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements without additional cost or staff.
  • The best part? Have it up and running in hours. 


Chuck White, CTO, Fornetix

Jonathan Halstuch, COO, RackTop Systems 

Bill Downer, Senior Director National Programs Seagate Government Solutions