Now You Can Stop Neglecting Security at the Edge

Today, securing data-at-the-edge is no longer optional given the massive increase of data creation outside of traditional datacenters. Extending encryption to edge computing sites is a proactive approach to mitigate risks across your entire organization and ensures that you are also meeting compliance required through initiatives like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


Fornetix and StorMagic's combined data encryption solution now makes it easy for you to secure your date-at-the-edge. 

StorMagic SvSAN removes the need for a physical SAN by converting the disk, flash and memory of two servers into a virtual SAN, and has the ability to encrypt data as it’s written to disk by using military-grade, FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms. Combined with Fornetix's virtual Key Orchestration, a KMIP powered key management system grounded in providing enterprise-level interoperability, extensibility, scalability, and security, you're ensured that your edge data is secure no matter where it resides. 

To learn more about the StorMagic & Fornetix joint solution, view the resources below.  And if you're ready to see our solution in action, request your free trial of Key Orchestration by filling out the form to the right. To Download the SvSAN directly, click the image at the bottom of this page of check the button in the form. 

Fornetix & StorMagic JSB StorMagic Top Ten Criteria Encryption compliance and GDPR

Joint Solution Brief

 StorMagic SvSAN rData provides a 100% software approach eliminating the need for operating system or hypervisor-level encryption and does not require any special hardware. Couple this with Fornetix Key Orchestration's robust, interoperable Virtual KMS and you have a winning data encryption solution that is simple, cost-effective, flexible and highly secure! 

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Top-10 Checklist

If you're an IT director tasked with improving security of your data at the edge, there are several encryption methods that are available today, and it can be difficult to determine which method will work best for your organization. This checklist summarizes some key encryption features, highlighting the top ten you need to discuss with your storage vendor.

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On-Demand Webcast

With the long-awaited GDPR Compliance deadline behind us, how are end users coping with the challenges that come along with the change? View this 30 minute webcast where we discuss the current state of the encryption landscape now that GDPR is officially in place and what that means for securing data-at-the-edge. 

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