Understanding and Controlling Security Vulnerabilities in Automotive IoT - Webcast

Automotive IoT Security Vulnerabilities On-Demand Webcast

Connectivity Demand creates a Security Paradigm for the Automotive Industry 

Automotive connectivity is a rapidly-evolving segment of the IoT world with ever-increasing complexity. A steady flow of new processors, control units, and software code are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. The evolution of connected technologies has given rise to enhanced threats that target the full lifecycle of a vehicle – From supply chain and manufacturing to software updates and aftermarket customizations.

In this one-hour pre-recorded webcast, you’ll learn more on the following topics: 

  • Understanding cyber security vulnerabilities throughout the vehicle lifecycle.
  • Securing Vehicle to Everything (V2X) and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communications and Telematics.
  • Applying Encryption Key Management to enhance security posture and reduce vulnerability surface area.  


Chuck_White_Fornetix_100.jpg Chuck White, CTO, Fornetix

Kevin Mooney, 
Senior Solutions Engineer, Fornetix