WEBINAR: How to Meet Data Compliance Regulations while Improving your Data Security

On-Demand Recording 

In 2021, your company's likelihood of experiencing a massive data breach is 1 in 4. 

With these odds, data governance and data protection regulations have forced companies worldwide to quickly encrypt their data at rest, in motion, and in the cloud to meet the strict guidelines imposed by GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FIPS, etc. But now that companies have encrypted all of their data, they face a bigger problem. The rapid increase in encryption has produced more encryption key material than can successfully be managed without a dedicated encryption Key Management System (KMS). In short, their data remains at risk! 

Join us to discuss encryption basics and for a complete understanding on why the more keys that are generated and used, the higher the odds an attacker will find a way to compromise them. We’ll dive into the solution of how simply implementing a Key Management System (KMS) into your current security strategy can quickly and effectively reduce your threat surface area, improve cybersecurity response capabilities, and meet data compliance regulations. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of implementing a robust encryption key management solution that works across the entire enterprise
  • Government regulations to be aware of when developing your data security strategy
  • Key features to look for in a KMS to make sure it will seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure
  • The benefits of using a certified VMware KMS
  • How key management controls costs and reduces the complexity of encryption management within VMware environments
  • How to handle the complexity of data security in both multi-cloud and hyper-converged storage environments


speaker-donDon O'Neill
VP of Business Development
Axcelerate Networks

Don O'Neill has been associated with various Technology System Integrators, over the last 25 years. He has served in several key management positions in Sales and Business Development. Don is currently VP of Business Development with Axcelerate Networks - delivering next generation solutions for Premise, Cloud and Data Center Environments.

speaker-blairBlair Semple
VP of Global Alliances

Blair Semple is the VP of Global Alliances at Fornetix working to strengthen our network of resellers and technology partners for our encryption key management solution, VaultCore. Previously, he has served in several Business Development positions at PK Ware, Thales, and NetApp.